Raa. Maduvvary School was established in 1965 as “Makthabul Ameen”. The school was financed and run by the local community of Raa. Maduvvaree Island. On the 18th January 1980, under the government’s determinant efforts to extend formal education opportunities to the atolls, the school name was changed to its present name “Maduvvaree School” and was considered as a government aided community school. Moreover, in August 2005 the school was considered as a full fledged government school. Later in January 2007, the school was listed as an autonomous school under the ministry’s decentralization plan for schools with higher enrollment.

In 1980, a unified education system was introduced with grade system for primary level classes (Grades 1 5). During in 1992, School campus was moved and rebuilt in a new location with appropriate facilities. The school was  further upgraded to middle class (Grade 6 & 7).

With a remarkable achievement from the Grade 8 Entrance Test of Ministry of Education, secondary grades were introduced during 2001, and in 2003 the school was privileged to prepare their first batch of students for the Cambridge O’ Level Examination. With the help of UNICEF, school upgraded their lower primary facilities to a child-friendly classroom setup during the year 2005. And to provide a wider choice of secondary education, the school started science stream subjects in 2007. At present the school has a strength of more than 400 students with grades 1 – 12.

 Maduvvary School is one of very fewschools in the country where the New National Curriculum is applied through imntegrated themetic aproach.